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Florida man kills grandmother and calls maid to help him with the body

Collier County Sheriff's Office
Collier County Sheriff’s Office

Collier County. FL– A 34-year-old man has been arrested after he killed his grandmother and then called a housekeeper to help him clean up the mess.
The incident occurred Thursday at a home in the suburb of Golden Gate Estates.
The maid told authorities that she received a call around 2:30 p.m. from one of her clients, Anthony Michael Corrado, asking her to come to his grandparent’s home to clean up a “real mess.”
When the woman arrived, she noticed Corrado appeared to be covered in blood.
The woman then entered the home and went into a bedroom where she noticed a large tarp and heard “heaving breathing.”
She began to unwrap the tarp and noticed Corrado’s grandmother was under the tarp with a bag over her head.
When the woman attempted to pull the bag off of the victim’s head, Corrado stopped her because he was afraid “she would get blood everywhere.”
Corrado then asked the woman to help him get rid of the body before his grandfather returned from the grocery store.
The housekeeper told Corrado that they needed to call the cops, however, Corrado told her he couldn’t because he has a criminal history and did not want to go back to jail.
The housekeeper then pretended she needed to get a few cleaning supplies from her vehicle and left the area to get help.
She was able to locate a nearby Collier County deputy and returned to the home with them.
When deputies arrived at the scene, they found Corrado covered in blood and standing next to an opened trunk.
Inside the home, authorities found a 82 woman dead inside of one of the from blunt head trauma.
In another room, authorities found a 74-year-old grandfather, who returned from the store, injured and wrapped in a blanket.
He was taken by helicopter to the Gulf Coast Medical Center’s trauma unit in Fort Myers.
Corrado was arrested on second-degree murder and aggravated battery on a person over 65 years of age charges.
He is currently at the Collier County jail.