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Florida man kidnapped and robbed by couple

AP Photo_John Raoux (83)
Monroe County Sheriffs Office

A Florida couple have been arrested after they reportedly kidnapped, robbed, and held a 50-year-old man hostage for over 30 hours.

The incident was depicted in a Monroe County Sheriffs Office news release on Monday.

According to the report, the victim told authorities that he was out but decided to go home and smoke some weed.  At some point, the victim says he fell asleep inside his car in front of his home because the marijuana was laced with something.

The victim says he then woke up to the suspects 22-year-old  Madison Megerle and 31-year-old Steven Solstad, forcing him into the passenger seat of his car with a razor.  The victim says Solstad then punched him in the face and then the couple proceeded to drive around Key West and Stock Island while holding him hostage.

At one point, the couple drove the victim to a bank and attempted to force him to withdraw funds but the victim was unable to do so because he did not have his ID on him. The victim, however, says he did give the couple $150 that he had on him.

The couple then decided to drive the victim back to his house where they allegedly kept the victim incapacitated by making him do drugs and by continuing to threaten him with a knife.

While at the home, the couple also reportedly stole the victim’s clothes and several electronics before leaving in the victim’s car the next day.

The couple was eventually located in Palm Beach County after police received a tip on the vehicle.

They have both since been charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault, grand theft, robbery and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Megerle has since been moved to a Monroe County detention center to face charges while Solstad remained in Palm Beach County to face charges for possessing a stolen vehicle.