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Florida man jumps on 12-foot gator to rescue dog

(AP Photo/J Pat Carter)

OVIEDO, FL– A Central Florida man reportedly jumped on the back of a 12-foot alligator in an attempt to rescue his dog.
The incident occurred last Friday at Riverside Park in Oviedo.
Authorities say the man and his girlfriend were walking the dog along the Little Econ River when the alligator grabbed the dog.
The man immediately jumped on the alligator’s back to try and free the dog and was able to do so.
Officials with Florida Fish and Wildlife went to the park on Sunday and were able to trap the gator.
“Dog owners are highly discouraged from walking their pets near any body of water due to the dense alligator population, especially during alligator mating season,” city officials said.
It is unclear if the gator will be put down or relocated.