Florida man hid body in closet after killing victim with iron, police say

(Broward Sheriff’s Office/Courtesy)

Police arrested a South Florida man after police say he killed another man with a clothing iron and then hid the victim’s body in a closet.

22-year-old Marvin Jean-Pierre of Miramar, faces a second-degree murder charge in connection with the man’s death.

According to a Miramar police report, officers were conducting a welfare check on the victim after his sister said she hadn’t heard from him since Dec. 29. Upon arriving to the victim’s apartment, they searched his car, and found multiple receipts, including a food purchase from a credit card belonging to Jean-Pierre.

As officers went to Jean-Pierre’s home to question him, they noticed the victim’s car leaving. Officers followed the car, initiated a traffic stop and found Jean-Pierre behind the wheel.

According to the report, Jean-Pierre told police that he took the victim’s car without permission and had not heard from the victim in about a week.

When officers returned to the victim’s apartment, they opened the closet of the master bedroom and discovered a human body covered in a blanket with the ankles exposed.

The ankles were bound by a necktie, the report said.

During an interview with detectives, Jean-Pierre admitted to killing the victim in the early morning of Dec. 30.

According to the report, Jean-Pierre said he was sleeping naked in the victim’s bedroom when he woke up to the victim standing over him and rubbing his chest.

“Jean-Pierre said he became angry at the victim’s advances and began yelling at the victim,” the report said.

As Jean-Pierre got dressed, he continued to yell at the victim when he noticed an iron and grabbed it, hitting him in the face, the report said.

Jean-Pierre said he hit the victim a couple more times before he wrapped him in a carpet and used neckties to secure it around his body, the report said.

After taking a shower and throwing the iron away, Jean-Pierre “moved the body to the closet due to a foul odor coming from the victim,” the report said.

According to the report, Jean-Pierre told detectives how he cleaned up the blood and threw away the iron “because it was the weapon.”