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Florida man found guilty of killing wife

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A Boynton Beach area man has been found guilty for the murder of his wife.

66-year-old Roberto Colon was found guilty for the murder of  Mary Stella Gomez Mulett in February of 2021.

Mullett was reported missing by her family in February of 2021.

Officials then contacted Mullett’s husband Colon, about her disappearance.

Colon told authorities that he married Mulett just weeks after meeting her to grant her U.S. citizenship.

In exchange for her citizenship, Mulett was to take care of Colon’s mother who lived in Hialeah and had dementia.

Colon then told them that he eventually fired Mulett as his mother’s caretaker because he believed that Mulett had been stealing from his mother.

He told them at two days before she was reported missing, the two had a fight and then he left the home for a doctors appointment. When he returned, he found that Mulett was gone.

About a month later, authorities discovered Mulett’s remains buried in the backyard of Colon’s home.

He has been found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.