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Florida man finds winning lottery ticket cleaning house

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida man, Kenneth Morgan of Jacksonville, was cleaning his house last weekend and happened to stumble upon a stray Powerball ticket from April.
Apparently, “cleanliness is next to wealthiness” because the newly found ticket was worth a million bucks.

“I was cleaning the house on the Fourth of July when I found the Powerball ticket in a drawer,” Morgan, 54, told Florida Lottery officials. “I checked the numbers and discovered it was a $1 million winner. I’m still in shock!”

Morgan misplaced the ticket from the April 17th Powerball drawing months ago and unearthed it over the Fourth of July weekend while tidying up. Unbelievably, it matched all five white-ball numbers but not the Powerball jackpot number.

Still, he cleaned up.

Morgan bought the Quick Pick ticket at a Publix liquor store in Jacksonville, which will also receive a $1,000 bonus commission.