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Florida man fatally shoots ex on New Years’ eve over money

Miami-Dade Corrections
Miami-Dade Corrections

MIAMI, FL– A Miami man is behind bars after he fatally shot his ex-girlfriend because she allegedly owed him money.
27-year-old Julio Morales was taken into custody minutes after the New Years’ Eve shooting following a phone call to police to turn himself in.
Police say Morales armed himself and went to the victim’s home where they started arguing when the victim opened the door.
A family member of the victim told reporters that the victim had plans to go out and was waiting at her apartment for an Uber.
The victim believed the Uber had arrived, but when she walked outside she encountered Morales.
Morales shot the victim in the head twice as she tried to run away and then called the police.
The victim was taken to an area hospital where she died from her injuries.
Morales told authorities that he loaned the victim $4,000 and her friend $1,000 just before their break up and was trying to get the money back.
Morales reported that he’d been trying to get the money back for four months but was attacked by his ex’s new boyfriend and his friends.
During the argument, the victim told Morales that she was not going to give him the money.
The victim accused Morales of stalking her sister after the breakup.
Detectives also reported that Morales and the victim had a history of domestic violence.
Those who knew the couple also reported that Morales was violent towards the victim and threatened to kill her if she started dating anyone else.
Morales remains in jail on a charge of second-degree murder with a weapon.