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Florida man facing animal cruelty charges after burying dog alive

Clearwater Police
Clearwater Police

A Clearwater man is facing charges after he buried his father’s dog alive and then attacked his father when confronted about it.
The incident occurred over the weekend at a home on Barry Road.
Clearwater Police say they responded to a home on Sunday due to a domestic depute call.
When they arrived, authorities were told that 33-year-old Tyler Crevasse punched his father in the nose twice after his father confronted him about burying his dog alive.
Crevassed then laughed as he told police that two days before their arrival, he wrapped his father’s poodle in a wet blanket and buried him in a hole dug by another dog.
Crevassed then went on to say that he buried the dog alive because the dog was old and he felt like it was already going to die.
He is now facing 1 charge of animal cruelty and 1 charge of domestic battery.