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Florida man drugged family with Benadryl before stabbing

Police say a physical therapist killed his wife, three young children and dog in their home near Walt Disney World and then left their bodies there for days.

Family members asked for a well-being check in late December, but according to the sheriff’s they didn’t notice anything suspicious.

Officials found the bodies in January.

The sheriff didn’t state a motive for the killings or why Todt was being investigated by federal agents.

Court records in Osceola County show Todt owed more than $5,000 to his landlord.

Officials say Anthony Todt drugged his wife and three kids after officials found that they died from overdoses of Benadryl and “unspecified violence.”

Autopsy reports released Tuesday show that Todt’s wife, Megan, was stabbed twice in the stomach. His sons, 13-year-old Alex, and 11-year-old Tyler, had single stab wounds on their abdomen. His 4-year-old daughter, Zoe, had no evidence of trauma to her body, though homicidal violence was still listed as contributing to her cause of death, along with the Benadryl overdose.

Todt has been indicted on four counts of first-degree murder in their deaths. He also faces a charge for animal cruelty for killing the family’s dog. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.