Florida Man Does Love Bug Mating Dance, Hilarious

It’s love bug season, and this season is worse than ever.

If you have driven down an interstate for any period of time, your windshield and front bumper will be pasted with the mating pesky bugs.

This Florida man shows us the steps to avoid invasions of the mating bug.

One woman reported that love bugs flew down her swimsuit while she was lying in the Florida sun.

And just try fishing.  There will be love bugs all over you and your boat while you’re trying to enjoy a day of fishing in Florida.

Here are five tips on how to remove dead love bugs from your car or boat.

  1. To make their splatter easier to remove, completely soak the bug-laden area with water.
  2. Lightly scrub the area with a wet dryer sheet.
  3. Rinse often and use new dryer sheets.
  4. Scrub until they’re gone.
  5. Clean off any leftover love bug residue, then wash and rinse your car or boat.


Love bugs are semi-annual pests status and can number in the millions.  Male/female pairs (joined tail-to-tail) will hover in the air, drifting slowly. 

Two major flights occur each year; the spring flight occurs during late April and May, and the summer flight occurs during late August and September.