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Florida man caught soliciting a prostitute while on honeymoon

Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office

A 34-year-old Florida man has been arrested after he was caught soliciting a prostitute while on his honeymoon.
Officials say Paul Turovsky of Fort Myers made arrangements to pay for sex with who he thought was a prostitute shortly after his wedding on July 15.
According to the report, Turovsky left his wife in their hotel room and drove to the Hyatt at 2900 Bayport Drive in Tampa to meet the undercover officer.
Once Turovsky arrived he was arrested.
Turovsky was one of over 170 men who were arrested following the creation of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Human Trafficking Squad.
“When I became Sheriff — I made a commitment to fight illegal prostitution and to protect the citizens of Hillsborough County from being victimized by predators in our midst,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “The Human Trafficking Squad has been given all the resources they need to save the victims, who often find themselves in a dark and dangerous life with no way out.”