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Florida Man busted with two guns at N.J. Airport checkpoint

Transportation Security Authorization
Transportation Security Authorization

(TRENTON, N.J.) — A Florida man was arrested by authorities on Dec. 18, after Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials discovered a loaded .380 caliber handgun, two loaded gun magazines, and a pellet gun in his carry-on bag at the Trenton-Mercer Airport security checkpoint.

According to the TSA, it was the first gun seized at the N.J. airport checkpoint in 2022. One gun was stopped in 2021, and a single gun was detected in 2020.

“Our officers are good at their jobs and are focused on their mission—especially during the busy holiday travel period,” said Thomas Carter, TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey. “Not only was he arrested by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, but this individual also faces a stiff financial civil penalty—a penalty for carrying a weapon that was recently increased to a maximum of $15,000.”

Transporting a gun and gun parts to an airport checkpoint enforces the TSA to reserve the right to issue a federal civil penalty.

According to the TSA, civil penalties for bringing a handgun into an airport checkpoint can extend into thousands of dollars, which is determined on mitigating conditions.