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Florida man bites deputy during arrest then apologizes

AP Photo_John Raoux (64)
Indian River County Sheriff’s Department

A 35-year-old Vero Beach man has been arrested after he bit a deputy and headbutted another during a trespassing call.

Authorities say they were called to a home on Thursday morning after the resident reported a man covered in lawn clipping, banging on their door. The resident expressed to police that they did not know the suspect and believed that the man was attempting to break into the home.

When authorities arrived, they identified the suspect as Kaylan Simmons of Lake City and arrested him. During the search of his person, authorities noticed something that looked like a holster in Simmon’s front pocket and attempted to retrieve it. That’s when Simmons headbutted one of the deputies and then bit the hand of the other.

Eventually Simmons stopped struggling and was taken to the Cleveland Clinic to be evaluated. During his evaluation, authorities say Simmons reportedly apologized to one of the deputies saying “Man, sorry for biting you.”

Simmons is now facing several charges including battery on a law enforcement officer, loitering or prowling, and resisting arrest.