Florida man banned from Spirit Airlines flights for life after vaping on plane

A Spirit Airlines passenger has been banned for life after he reportedly continued to vape during a flight despite being warned.

The incident occurred recently on Spirit Airlines flight NK 985 from Detroit to New Orleans.

According to the report, a flight attendant told reported that they noticed the 30-year-old St. Petersburg resident take a puff of his e-cigarette and blow the smoke into a plastic bag while in his seat. The attendant then warned the passenger that smoking was prohibited on the plane.

Sometime later, the passenger went to the restroom and while in the restroom, the plane’s smoke detector went off. That’s when officials on the plane notified authorities on the ground about the passenger’s behavior during the flight.

Once the plane landed at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport police confronted the passenger, however, the passenger denied vaping in the plane’s restroom and told authorities that he was unaware that smoking was not allowed on planes.

The deputy decided not to arrest the passenger, however, the report of the incident says Spirit Airlines has banned the passenger from any future flights with their company.

It was also noted that the passenger may have been drinking alcohol from small bottles he brought on board.