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Florida man arrested for kicking his friend to death

A 36-year-old St. Petersburg man has been arrested after authorities say he kicked one of his friends to death outside of a bar during an argument.
The incident occurred at the Sports bar and grill inside the Northgate Center on January 14th.
Authorities say a bartender found the mangled body of 48-year-old Scott Jenks just before 4:40 am in the parking lot and called it in.
During the investigation, authorities pulled surveillance footage from the surrounding businesses and found that Jenks left the bar around 3:00 am with another man. The two men were said to have walked across the parking lot and suddenly the suspect began kicking Jenks as Jenks begged him to stop. The attack was said to have gone on for over an hour.
When authorities showed the footage to the staff at the bar, the staff was immediately able to identify the attacker as Kristoff King who often came to the bar with Jenks.
Investigators were eventually able to locate Kristoff on a Greyhound bus in Gainesville several days later and arrested him.
He is now facing a first-degree murder charge and possible deportation as he is a native of the Bahamas.
It is unclear what caused the argument.