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Florida man arrested for kicking a chicken during argument with girlfriend

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Police arrested a Florida Keys man on Monday after he kicked a chicken during an argument with his girlfriend.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt said Sgt. Joel Slough responded to a domestic dispute call on March 22nd. Upon arriving, 43-year-old Nicholas Chew and his girlfriend were in a dispute because Chew kicked a chicken, according to officials.

“Chew admitted to kicking the chicken out of the way, further admitting his annoyance by the noise the birds cause,” Linhardt said. “A separate witness stated he saw Chew kick the chicken in the way a football player would kick a field goal.”

The chicken was taken to a nearby veterinarian where doctors said the chicken had four broken ribs.

The owner of the chicken pressed charges which led to the arrest of Chew. Chew faces a charge of animal cruelty.