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Florida man arrested after trying to lure children

AP Photo_John Raoux (60)
Starke Police

A suspect from Keystone Heights, Florida has been arrested after authorities say he attempted to lure four children into his car.

The incident was reported Tuesday afternoon, in the Bradford County area.

Authorities say the mother of the children tracked down the suspect identified as 40-year-old Anthony Terry Jr. after her son’s ran home crying saying that a man first tried to convince him and four others to get into his vehicle before physically grabbing him and trying to put him in his car.

” He kept telling me it’s okay,” Kimberly McKinnie said after she caught up with Terry Jr. on North Cherry Street. “I said, did you try to grab my son? and he kept saying it’s okay,” McKinnie continued.

With the help of neighbors and a possible physical ailment on the part of the suspect, McKinnie was able to subdue Terry Jr. until authorities arrived.

“Somehow he ended up on the floor,” McKinnie said. “He tried to get up and get a stick and then something happened to his knee and he said until the police came.”

Terry Jr. has since been arrested and is now facing several attempted kidnapping charges.