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Florida man arrested after shooting girlfriend’s ex

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Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

A 45-year-old Florida man has been arrested after he allegedly shot his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend during a heated argument.

The incident occurred on Feb. 5 outside a home on South Blue Lake Avenue in Volusia County.

The girlfriend told police that the victim, had shown up at the home “uninvited and unwanted” for the second time that day.

During the first incident, he made his way to a back porch where the woman and her boyfriend Ryan Hawkins were sitting.

The three then exchanged words before the ex-boyfriend left the home.

A few minutes later, the ex-boyfriend showed up at the home again and knocked on the door. This time he reportedly “grabbed the chain off her neck and pulled her outside. ” The two began arguing and that’s when Hawkins’ intervened and shot the ex-boyfriend.

The couple described the ex-boyfriend as the aggressor, however, surveillance video showed a different story.

The video showed Hawkins immediately grabbing the ex-boyfriend as he exited the home. That’s when a physical fight began between the men.  Hawkins then “retrieved a large concrete brick from the yard” and struck the woman’s ex-boyfriend. The ex then responded by pulling Hawkins’ hair and pulling him to the ground. He then began striking Hawkins.

The man then picked up a brick and was holding on to it when Hawkins went back inside the home and retrieved his gun.

Hawkins then instructed the man to drop the brick but began firing his weapon before the man had the chance to respond.

He then continued firing his weapon as the ex-boyfriend ran to his car and fled the scene.

The ex was able to call police from the road and was transported to an area hospital with “critical and life threatening” injuries.

After watching the surveillance video, authorities concluded that the ex-boyfriend was not a threat when the first bullet was fired.

Hawkins was taken into custody on attempted murder charges. He is being held without bond at the Volusia County jail.