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Florida man arrested after breaking into ex-girlfriend’s home, changing locks, setting up camera

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Police arrested a southwest Florida on Tuesday after they say, he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home, changed the locks and set up a camera.

According to police, the victim told officials that her ex-boyfriend, 32-year-old Brendon Dawson has broke into her home on more than one occasion.

Police received a call from a neighbor claiming that the victim’s dog was walking outside the four-unit complex. She told police the door to the victim’s unit was wide open.

Police say when deputies arrived to the home they noticed heavy damage to the unit’s door, and it looked as if someone was attempting to tear apart the entire lock. When police knocked, a Dawson came out from under a blanket on the living room couch.

Police say the house was covered in trash, broken pictures hanging in the hallway, and drawers were rummaged through.

Officers contacted the victim using information listed in the previous attempted break-in report. She told them Dawson did not have permission to be in her home.

When police searched Dawson’s belongings they found an 8-inch curved blade, 35 Amphetamine and 34 Clonazepam pills, several prescription medications and two cut straws used to ingest narcotics.

When the victim arrived, she noticed a camera at the entrance of her unit. She told police Dawson must have set it up and that he had been invading her home for several weeks.  The victim claimed Dawson will not stop texting, calling or threatening her and her daughter. She also caught him breaking in while she was sleeping. She woke to Dawson standing over her, staring at her while in bed.

Police detained Dawson and he is now facing  several charges, including armed burglary, video voyeurism, carrying a concealed weapon, stalking and multiple drug charges.