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Florida man armed with an AR-15 rifle arrested after holding victim hostage

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Florida– A Vero Beach man has been taken into police custody after he reportedly held another man hostage at a hotel.
The incident was reported at the Oceanaire Inn in the 1000 block of 21st Street, Tuesday morning.
Officials say the victim invited the suspect and the suspect’s girlfriend to stay with him in his room after they got kicked out of theirs.
The suspect suddenly pulled out an AR-15 and began demanding that the victim tell him about the death of his relative, however, the victim was unaware of what he was talking about.
“Officers arrived on the scene and made contact with a victim, a male victim, who was apparently shaken up,” said Vero Beach Police Officer Darrel Rivers. “He advised that he had been held captive in his room for several hours and that the suspect and the girlfriend of the suspect actually fell asleep in the room and he was able to escape and call 911.”
The victim told investigators that he knew the suspect’s girlfriend and that’s why he invited them to stay in his room.
Authorities found drugs inside the suspect’s room.
He is now charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault. The girlfriend is not facing any charges.