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Florida man accused of growing nearly $1 million worth of dried marijuana in illegal grow operation

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office

(PUEBLO COUNTY, CO) — A Florida man was arrested after deputies seized more than 950 marijuana plants and 10 pounds of dried marijuana worth nearly $1 million in Pueblo County, Colorado.

Lazaro Piloto-Gomez, 57, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after Narcotics Detectives discovered an undercover marijuana grow operation at his residence, according to the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives received intel of a possible illegal marijuana grow operation at Piloto-Gomez’s residence in the 6400 block of Galbreath Rd.

When questioned, Piloto-Gomez confessed he possessed more than the legal household limit of 12 marijuana plants in the state of Colorado.

Detectives obtained a warrant to search the property, and discovered 939 marijuana plants and a 10-pound sack of dried marijuana valued at $969,000 in two detached outbuildings that were converted into grow rooms.

An additional 20 marijuana plants were discovered and seized from a garage connected to the property. Equipment and tools used to package and distribute marijuana were also found, the sheriff’s office said.

Piloto-Gomez was arrested for cultivation manufacturing of marijuana with intent to distribute.