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Florida lottery winner thought her prize was $1000, turns out it’s actually $ 1 million


Heather Walters knew she had a match on her winning scratch-off ticket.

It took a few minutes before she realized it was a major win.

“When I realized I had a match, I began to slowly scratching to reveal what the prize was,” the 56-year-old Zephyrhills resident told Florida Lottery officials. “At first, I thought it was $1,000, then $1000,000 imagine my shock when I kept scratching to reveal three more zeros!”

Walter’s ticket was definitely a big winning ticket.

She decided to take her winnings as a lump-sum payout of $888,000.

Walter’s lucky ticket was purchased from a Winn-Dixie in Zephyrhills, which receives $2,000 from Florida Lottery for selling it.