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Florida Lottery sponsors Urban League PBC Summer College Tour


WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Twenty six lucky high school students will be treated to a summer college tour thanks to the Urban League of Palm Beach County. The group will visit four Florida universities including, the University of Central Florida, University of Florida, Florida State University and Florida A&M, thanks to the Florida Lottery.

A college and career readiness coach will accompany the students and conduct educational workshops on the college admissions process, State University System Matrix, financial aid, the FAFSA application, and requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship. Students will also participate in question and answer sessions at each school. The two-day event will culminate with students summarizing the information provided and creating a personalized college plan.

“This tour will give our students an extraordinary experience of understanding what college is really like,” said Patrick Franklin, President and CEO of Urban League of Palm Beach County. “We are so grateful to the Florida Lottery for supporting our education efforts and helping our students get a clear perspective of the college experience.”

Mr. Franklin explained that even before the pandemic, low-income minority students and their families struggled to adequately plan for post-secondary education. COVID-19 only made matters worse. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on students across Palm Beach County, especially young people of color have been hit the hardest by the economic and social dislocation of the crisis.

“We want to remove the additional barriers of these unprecedented times and get students to see these universities,” he said. “And so again, the Florida Lottery’s partnership is really vital to opening the doors to the future for so many of our students. We are very appreciative.”

The Urban League of Palm Beach County is a nonprofit organization founded in 1973 to empower youth and provide education, housing, financial literacy, workforce development, and health programs.
Learn more about the Urban League of Palm Beach County by visiting: www.ulpbc.org.