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Florida leads the nation in shark bites

Great White Shark Tracker
FILE – Captain Brett McBride places his hand on the snout of the crew’s first specimen while scientists collect blood, tissue samples and attach tracking devices on the research vessel Ocearch . The Ocearch team baits the fish and leads them onto a lift, tagging and taking blood, tissue and semen samples up close from the world’s most feared predator. The real-time satellite tag tracks the shark each time its dorsal fin breaks the surface, plotting its location on a map. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, File)

Swim at your own risk along Florida’s coastline.
A new study says Florida is number one spot for the most the most shark bites.
The Florida Museum of Natural History says the state had 28 cases last year.
That’s 60% of the U.S. total and 38% of unprovoked bites worldwide.
Florida’s most recent five-year average was 25 incidents.

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Ocearch Shark Tracker’s website reports several white sharks are roaming around the Atlantic off the east coast of Florida.