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Florida high school students facing charges after shooter prank

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(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


Several students are facing charges after a shooting threat prank at a school.
The incident occurred last week at Mainland High School.
Authorities say they were made aware of the prank on Thursday after students contacted administrators about a shooting threat that had been written on the wall of a restroom.
Officials were able to track down the students who were involved using surveillance cameras and found that the threat was unfounded.
The following day, two groups of students “decided to capitalize on the threat” and created panic in the cafeteria.
Officials say one group was seen on video “getting into specific positions and locations within the cafeteria, timing their actions. ”
The other group described as female students, told an administrator that someone had a gun.
One student then ran from the cafeteria, causing several students to run after him in panic.
Authorities say that at no point did anyone have or appear to have a gun. They also reported that they interviewed several students and the whole thing appears to have been a prank:
“This entire incident appears to have been a cruel prank by several students that has now gotten out of control due to internet trolls, misinformed people, and in some cases, people that are not even in Florida,” police said.
The students involved are facing Second-degree felony charges for making a false report. Authorities also recommended that those students be expelled from school.