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Florida gun owner who fatally shot suspect during argument protected by Stand Your Ground law

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A St. Lucie county man will not face charges after investigators ruled that he is protected under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law.
Detectives determined on Thursday that the shooting death of 29-year-old Jarvarious E. Coston was a “justifiable homicide,” and that the victim will not face charges in the shooting death.
Coston was fatally shot by the 62-year-old victim on Tuesday near the 2500 block of Ave. R.
The suspect and the victim reportedly got into a verbal argument where Coston who was armed, threatened the victim’s life:
“A man was in his yard working on his car, and someone arrived, there was an altercation,” Mascara said later at a media briefing. “The person who arrived then left the scene and came back with a firearm and threatened that person working on the car in his yard.”
The victim fired his weapon once, shooting Coston in the collarbone. Coston then fired back at the victim but missed.
Coston was driven by his girlfriend to an area hospital where he later died.
It is unclear what started the altercation, but the victim told authorities that it was the second time he encounter Coston and his girlfriend that day and after seeing Coston’s gun, he armed himself just in case the couple came back.
When the couple came back, the victim, fearing for his life shot Coston.

“This is a difficult situation for everyone involved,” said Sheriff Mascara in a press conference. “Any loss of life is tragic.”