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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis relocates illegal migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

(MARTHA’S VINEYARD) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has repositioned Venezuelan migrants who came over the southern border illegally from the sunshine state to Martha’s Vineyard.
The Biden administration had recently shipped the migrants to Florida so DeSantis simply relocated them to a sanctuary destination, according to his spokesperson.
Boston officials were surprised when the 50 Venezuelan migrants, including children, arrived on the planes.

State lawmaker Julian Cyr said, “Local officials received no advance notice that the migrants were arriving, but did ‘a pretty remarkable job’ of welcoming them.”
Barbara Rush with Saint Andrew’s Parish explains how they prepared to have some of the the migrants spend the night.
“We got people on cots in the parish hall, we’ve got people on cots here, we’ve got families on air mattresses, down in the homeless shelter, in the library.”
Charlie Crist, the Democratic nominee for governor of Florida, said in a statement, “This is just another political stunt that hurts our state. Tonight, the 4.5 million immigrants who call Florida home must be wondering if they’re next.”