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Florida girl recovering in hospital after father who had “several drinks ” attempted to clean gun

Emergency care sign in front of hospital in New York City, USA

(PORT ST LUCIE, FL)– A young girl is recovering in the hospital after she was accidentally shot when the AR-15 that her father was cleaning fell to the ground.
Port St. Lucie police say they were called to the family’s home on Nov. 23.
The child’s father 35-year-old Daniel Weber, told authorities that he decided to show his son how to clean a gun, but when he attempted to place the gun on a TV tray, the table fell over.
His son attempted to grab the gun before it hit the ground but he was unsuccessful.
A single bullet discharged from the gun and Weber says that when he heard his daughter crying.
When he went to check on her, he noticed that she was bleeding from the left hip/lower abdomen.
Weber applied pressure to the area and told his son to call authorities.
The child was rushed to a hospital where she underwent emergency surgery.
Weber told authorities that before he began cleaning the gun, he removed the magazine and “believed the firearm to be empty.”
Authorities at the scene also noticed that Weber smelled of alcohol.
He eventually admitted to having a couple of drinks before the incident occurred.
Weber has been taken into custody on aggravated child abuse, using a firearm while under the influence of alcoholic beverages, and culpable negligence charges.
According to reports, Weber has entered a not-guilty plea.