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Florida Driver Accidentally Spins, Reverses onto Two Cars

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A driver in Central Florida created quite a scene recently while driving in a bank parking lot.

The messy situation happened on May 4.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, the person reversed out of the drive-thru and over a curb, then onto a road and back into the parking lot, where the vehicle ended up on top of two other cars.

Cadillac drives in reverse through intersection, lands on top of parked cars

WATCH OUT! Wild dash cam video shows a Cadillac reversing at a high speed out of the SunTrust bank parking lot and into the road, nearly hitting other drivers as it swerved through the intersection. The sedan then crashed on top of two parked cars outside of the Citrus County bank. STORY: https://bit.ly/3cdYTH6

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Deputies explain the driver “cut the wheel” and continued reversing around the curve until he jumped the curb back into the parking lot and reversed on top of two parked cars.

A photo from the scene shows the white Cadillac SUV on top of the vehicles.

No injuries were reported, and deputies are still investigating the incident.