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Florida doctor accused of sexually abusing unconscious victims found dead

Naples Police Department
Naples Police Department

(NAPLES, FL)– A cosmetic doctor who was arrested last week on allegations that he sexually abused two patients while they were unconscious, has been found dead.
54-year-old Dr. Eric Andrew Salata was found dead on Monday after authorities conducted a welfare check on him.
Authorities say they became concerned after it was noticed that his ankle monitor had not changed locations for at least eight hours despite it being the middle of the day.
A responding officer then discovered Salata’s body lifeless and cold in a wooded area. The officer also noticed that Salata had a gunshot wound on the right side of his head and a handgun nearby.
Salata was arrested last Tuesday after two women alleged that he sexually abused them while they were unconscious.
At least one woman detailed that before her cosmetic procedure Salata advised her to take a Xanax and offered her tequila because he said the procedure would be painful.
He then used laughing gas on the woman which caused her to completely pass out. When the woman woke up, she found Salata performing “oral sex ” on her.
While a cause of death has not been officially determined, a spokesperson reportedly informed the Daily Beast the doctor’s death “does not appear to be suspicious.”
According to the report, Salata worked in the medical field for 30 years. He was facing two charges of sexual battery on a physically helpless person.