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Florida deputies hit by bottles, bar stools at massive block party

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Deputies say they were hit with bottles, cups of alcohol, and bar stools after trying to stop a weekend block party involving thousands of people. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday that they were trying to make arrests at an outdoor party in DeLand with over 3,000 people. Volusia Sheriff’s Office deputies and DeLand PD say they encountered several issues including, a long gun pointing out of the passenger window of a passing vehicle, a loaded gun handed off from one convicted felon to another, agitated crowds of bystanders and bottles, jars and bar stools used against law enforcement as weapons or projectiles. One deputy sustained a minor knee injury and a DeLand PD officer had a minor head injury when he was hit with the jar. Some party-goers said they were targeted because of their skin color, since the crowd was largely African American, but Sheriff Mike Chitwood said in a news release that the actions by deputies were aimed at keeping the public safe. Two men were arrested for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.