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Florida democrat sues the Biden Administration over marijuana and gun policies

Nikki Fried
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

A top Florida democrat is suing the Biden administration over restrictive policies regarding guns and marijuana use.
Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried announced that she will be suing the Biden administration to block a policy that prevents marijuana cardholders from purchasing firearms or maintaining concealed-carry permits.
According to NBC News, Fried’s lawsuit specifically targets a federal form
that asks whether the potential gun purchaser is an unlawful user of drugs.
The form then specifies that marijuana is considered an illegal drug at the federal level, even though it may be legal at the state level.
A person who has a medical marijuana card is required to check “yes” on the form, which automatically results in a denial of purchase.
If the person checks “no” on the form, they risk a five-year prison sentence for making a false statement.
The suit states that the form violates the Second Amendment rights of lawful medical marijuana patients and interferes with state-sanctioned cannabis laws.
“Medical marijuana is legal. Guns are legal. This is all about people’s rights,” Fried said in a statement to NBC News. “And I don’t care who I have to sue to fight for their freedom.”
John Morgan, a Florida trial lawyer who has had conversations with the president regarding marijuana legalization, says Joe Biden has experienced the effects of drugs in his family and does not understand why it should be legalized.
“Joe has so much drug abuse in his own family that in his mind it’s a no-go. The older you get, the less people understand what marijuana is all about. To them, it’s all the same — marijuana, heroin, LSD,” Morgan said.