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Florida COVID Tests are Surging, Deaths, Hospitalizations are not

The surge in positive test results for coronavirus cases  is surging as nearly one out of every 100 Americans has tested positive for Covid-19.

However, at least in Florida, the death rate is no where near that of New York or California. Also, hospitals across the state only reported 130 new admissions with a COVID diagnosis.

Twelve deaths were announced in Palm Beach County and seven in Miami-Dade County from COVID-19 Statewide, 45 deaths were announced yesterday.

Florida reported more than 15-thousand positive test cases,  pushing its total to just under 270-thousand cases since the outbreak began.  That was just one day after Walt Disney World in Orlando opened to the public Saturday for the first time in nearly four months.

Despite the increase in testing and positive results, Florida has just over 4000 deaths total compared with New York’s 32,000, eight times Florida’s death toll.

See death stats here:

New York 32,029

California 7,042

Florida 4,241

Texas 8,196

New Jersey 15,525


For the first time, New York City is reporting no COVID-19-related deaths. This is a milestone for the city once considered the pandemic’s epicenter. Sunday’s preliminary numbers indicate the city is ending a four month stretch that witnessed at least one death every day.

Many South Florida school districts will announce Wednesday whether they will allow students to return to class or if they must continue to learn on line at home.