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Florida concert promoter offering $18 tickets to vaccinated guests, $999 tickets for unvaccinated guests

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(AP Photo/Francois Mori)

A concert promoter in Tampa, Florida, announced a massive offer to a concert for people who are vaccinated.

Leadfoot Promotions is selling tickets to an upcoming show featuring punk band Teenage Bottlerocket for $18 to those who are vaccinated, and $999 for those who are not.

Paul Williams, the man behind the idea, told CNN that his idea came about in order to sell concert tickets as well as encourage people to get vaccinated.

“I did the math with the number of tickets and the people in the band that would be there, and if everyone was literally crammed in there and all four tickets sell… we would still be at 98.25% fully vaccinated,” he said.

“I just wanted to sell tickets to the show … and I wanted to get some kids vaccinated.”

Williams announced the show at 10 a.m. on May 3, fifteen minutes before DeSantis signed a bill essentially making his executive order a law and lifting all Covid-19 restrictions in the state. The bill penalizes businesses verifying vaccinations $5000 per violation, but luckily for Williams, the law goes into effect July 1 — five days after the June 26 show.

As of Friday, 210 of the 250 discounted tickets were already sold and Williams said that if someone buys the full price tickets, all of that money will go directly to the band.

To purchase tickets, concertgoers must agree to bring their government-issued photo ID and their vaccination card. When they purchase their tickets, the language states what is required and how to get a vaccine if someone needs one, as well as how to replace a vaccination card.