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Florida college student killed by woman pretending to be stranded

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crime scene shootout

A 22-year-old college student traveling with his girlfriend was killed over the weekend after a woman tried to rob them.
The incident occurred Sunday at Talladega National Forrest.
The girlfriend of the victim told police that she and her boyfriend Adam Simjee, were driving through the park when a woman who appeared to be stranded flagged them down.
The woman later identified as Yasmine Hider, “asked the couple if they could give her some assistance to get her car started, which was nearby,” officials said. “When the couple attempted to assist Hider, she produced a gun and made the couple walk back into the woods.”
As the couple walked into the woods with Hider, Simjee revealed that he also had a gun.
Both Hider and Simjee became engaged in a shootout where both of them were injured.
Simjee’s girlfriend was not hit but says she noticed another woman watching the incident. The Hider then began talking to the woman and asking her for help. After a brief conversation with Hider, the woman fled the scene.
Simjee’s girlfriend eventually made it to her phone and called the authorities as she performed CPR on him.
Simjee was said to have died at the scene, while Hider was taken to an area hospital with several gunshot wounds to her torso.
Authorities also located and identified the woman Hider was speaking to after the shooting.
The woman has been identified as Krystal Diane Pinkins.
Authorities found Pinkins about 1/2 a mile away from the shooting at a campsite.
While authorities began arresting Pinkins, a 5-year-old came running out to her with a loaded shotgun in his hands. The child then put the shotgun next to Pinkins despite being told by officers to put the gun down.
The child was later identified as Pinkins’ son.
Pinkins was “arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child,” she also faces murder and robbery charges.
The child was taken into the custody of the Department of Human Resources.
Hider faces charges of one count of murder, two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of robbery.
She is currently recovering at a hospital in Birmingham.