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Florida child shoots toddler, kills baby with 14-time felon’s gun

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(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

A 14-time Florida felon is facing more charges after his eight-year-old son accidentally shot and killed a baby girl and wounded a toddler.

The Escambia County sheriff says the father’s girlfriend was asleep in a Pensacola motel room Sunday when the boy picked up the unsecured gun and played with it.

The sheriff says the child pulled the trigger and a single shot  killed a one-year-old girl and wounded a two-year-old girl, both belonging to the girlfriend of the father.  The toddler is expected to recover.

The boy’s father returned to the room, took the gun and what investigators believe were drugs and left the room again, according to the sheriff.

The father, who should never had access to a gun as a convicted felon, is now charged with negligence, failure to safely store a firearm, and other criminal counts.

He was arrested and later released on $41,000 bond.