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Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis threatens criminal charges against new ‘supersized’ IRS if agents target small businesses

(TALLAHASSEE, FLA)  — President Joe Biden signed new legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act Tuesday while on vacation in South Carolina.

One aspect of the new law allows for the IRS to hire 87,000 more agents to rake in billions of more dollars from taxpayers.

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis is threatening the IRS with criminal charges if the thousands of new agents come after small business owners in the sunshine state like they did Tea Party members in 2013.

Patronis says Florida will force all of the new IRS agents to be licensed so the state knows who they are, make all state charter banks report when audits take place, and he will use the license fees to create a defense fund for anyone persecuted by the IRS.

Patronis said that citizens of the State of Florida know how to “spend their money better than Washington.”

The sweeping domestic policy bill does, however, mandate that the IRS study options to provide a free tax filing option for Americans. Unlike many developed countries, the U.S. does not offer free tax filing services for taxpayers, who instead pay billions of dollars every year to highly profitable private tax prep companies.