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Florida business owner fatally shoots man urinating on side of building

Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

KEY WEST, FL– A 57-year-old businessman has been arrested after he fatally shot a drunk 21-year-old who relieved himself outside of a business.
The incident occurred outside the Searstown shopping center along North Roosevelt Boulevard early Monday morning.
Police say they got a call around 12:30 a.m. of a man who had been shot and was in need of medical attention.
The victim was rushed to an area hospital with a gunshot wound to his stomach and later died.
Witnesses told police that the victim, Garrett Hughes, had been drinking at a bar and was outside shirtless, urinating on a wall.
Lloyd Preston Brewer III who owns the building that contains the bar and other businesses, noticed Hughes urinating on the wall and got out of his vehicle to confront him.
“(Hughes) is kind of stumbling around and (Brewer) pulls up his shirt, pulls out a gun, and pumps a shot into his stomach,” Ward said.
Brewer then called the police and claimed he was forced to shoot Hughes in self-defense.
Surveillance video from the scene and witness reports revealed that Hughes was unarmed and Brewer was never in any danger.
Authorities also reported that Brewer was intoxicated at the time as well.
Brewer was arrested and is facing a second-degree murder charge and a weapons charge.