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Florida boy shot after dad helped him with paintball “drive-by”

A 10-year-old South Florida boy whose own father orchestrated a paint ball “drive-by” is expected to recover after being shot in return by the homeowner who had a real gun. Detectives say Michael Williams agreed to drive his son to a friend’s house Sunday night in Miami so he could shoot them with a paint ball gun.

Paintball gun
Child fires paintball gun out the window of a moving car.

Michael Williams, 26, told Opa-locka police his son begged him to drive his white van by a home where young people were gathered Sunday night so he could fire his paintball gun out the window, according to a police report released Tuesday.

They pulled up to the house with several people in the vehicle and the boy began shooting from the open van door at people in the front yard, and the homeowner reacted and grabbed his weapon because he thought the shooter wearing a hoodie was firing a real gun. The homeowner will not be charged and said he feared his family was “under attack,” and shot one round from his firearm and struck the child shooting the paintball gun.

Then the situation went from bad to worse. The child lost his balance after being shot, and his permissive father accidentally ran over him. The father, Michael Williams, has been charged with child neglect with great bodily harm.