FL woman wins $500,000 in lottery scratch-off game

A customer plays a scratch-off lottery card at Kohls Food Market in North Bay Village, Fla., Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2003. Kohls Food Market sold a winning Lotto ticket worth $50 million in March 2003. No one redeemed the winning ticket for a $50 million Lotto jackpot by the Tuesday deadline, making it the largest jackpot in Florida Lottery history to go unclaimed, officials said. (AP Photo/Richard Patterson)

A Florida woman has won the top prize in a newly launched lottery scratch-off game.

Vicky Brymer, 46, took home $500,000 minus taxes, after buying her winning ticket from Food Max on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville.

The $5 game called Crossword Extra Play launched in April and includes more than $69 million in prizes, including eight top prizes of $500,000.

Florida Lottery officials said scratch-off games generate more than $871 million for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund and account for 69% of ticket sales.

Brymer told local reporters she has not decided what she will do with the money.