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FL Sea Turtles being born female due to global warming

Sea Turtle water ocean
. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

(FLORIDA) – Approximately 99% of Florida Sea Turtles were born female due to a rise in global temperatures, according to scientists.

Because there are so few males, sea turtle reproduction has been impacted and some blame extreme heat waves.

The temperature of the sand in which the eggs are fertilized determines the sex of the turtle, according to the National Ocean Service.

Temperatures below 27 C will result in a male, while temperatures above 31 C will result in a female.

If the temperature reach over 31 C, the turnout of a female population will be larger.

A female-only turtle population would lead to a significant decrease in the overall sea turtle population, which can be reflected in other species as a result of rising temperatures.

“As the Earth experiences climate change, increased temperatures could result in skewed and even lethal incubation conditions,” stated the National Ocean Service,” which would impact turtle species and other reptiles.”

Staff Writer, Julianna Caban, contributed to this story.