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Treasure Coast Residents Find Land Mines; Woman Stores One in Home

The Treasure Coast has really been living up to its name.

Sebastian resident Jayne Wilson was walking along the shore of Tracking Station Beach in Vero Beach last spring, when she came across an explosive World War II-era land mine.

“I was thinking it might have been a plate off the Spanish shipwreck,” says Wilson.

She kept the land mine in a cooler that was submerged in water in her living room for about nine months.

Wilson finally acted this week, after realizing it was an inactive explosive device.

“I called the non-emergency police number and said, ‘I am pretty sure I have a land mine,'” the woman explains.

She was then instructed to evacuate the house immediately, as military bomb experts made their way to the home, in order to seize the device.

Meanwhile, a man who was using a metal detector found another old land mine on Tuesday of this week, near 640 Reef Road in the area of Indian River County Beach.

The Indian River Sheriff’s Office dispatched representatives from Patrick Air Force Base to investigate that discovery.