FL father accused of lengthy killing spree of family


Police have released disturbing new details about the Marion County man charged with murdering his entire family.

Michael Wayne Jones Jr. is facing five counts of murder in connection to a familial killing spree police say he carried out over a period of weeks.

He is accused of beating his wife, 32-year-old Casei Jones, to death with a baseball bat on July 10, and then strangling his two eldest step-children, Cameron Bowers,10, and Preston Bowers, 5.

Two weeks later, the sheriff’s office said Jones fatally drowned his two youngest children, 2-year-old Mercalli Jones, and 1-year-old Aiyana Jones.


The sheriff’s office said Jones kept the bodies in his home for a few weeks before putting them in his van and driving to Georgia.

Authorities discovered the bodies after Jones crashed his vehicle in Georgia, on Sept. 15.

Jones is charged with second-degree murder in his wife’s killing and first-degree premeditated homicide for the killings of the children.

After six weeks without communication, relatives reported the family missing just days before Georgia police discovered the bodies.

Jones is facing the death penalty.

“Justice will be served upon him,” said Sheriff Billy Woods at a news conference last month. “As far as I’m concerned, as the sheriff of this county, underneath the jail ain’t good enough.”

“He has no right to walk the face of this earth, and I’d hate to be him when he stands before the lord,” Sheriff Woods added.