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Five Miami Beach officers charged with assault for rough arrest

Five Florida officers are now facing charges for allegedly beating a man in custody for illegally and then hitting an officer while fleeing on his scooter on Miami Beach. And, the whole rough arrest was all caught on surveillance video at the Royal Palm Hotel. The Miami Beach Police Chief immediately suspended the officers and called the State Attorney. Mayor Dan Gelber is proud of the chief and says this controversial arrest is not a reflection of the department.

FL Officers Suspended-We Acted Quickly

One video shows at least a dozen officers surrounding the cuffed suspect, Dalonta Crudup, and kicking him. Also, Khalid Vaughn, who was recording the incident, gets tackled and punched repeatedly by officers.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle says a closer look will be taken at police accountability and how communities are policed.

Crudup allegedly hit an officer while fleeing on a scooter after being stopped for illegally parking it. As more Miami Beach police officers arrive Crudup is on the ground, handcuffed. When, according to the state attorney, Officer Kevin Perez kicked Crudup several times and slammed his head to the ground. Five officers have been charged with battery, They turned themselves in to Miami Beach Police headquarters and have been relieved of duty.

Sgt. Jose Perez, Officer Kevin Perez, Officer Robert Sabater, Officer David Rivas, and Officer Steven Serrano face battery charges in connection with the July 26 rough at the Royal Palm Hotel on South Beach.

Fernandez Rundle said additional charges may be filed..