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First day of school in Broward County is less than desirable for parents and students

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A school bus heads to an elementary school to pick up students Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, in Florida. Some of Florida’s largest school districts are finding it difficult to hire enough bus drivers as classes resume, with at least some of the shortage caused by the pandemic. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

On the first day of school in Broward County more pressing issues came up, the shortage of teachers and transportation troubles.

Although 140,000 new teachers were hired for this school year, the district still has 365 teacher vacancies that need to be filled.

According to Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco believes many of the teachers feel that they are not valued and appreciated, educators are doing their best helping their students navigate this difficult school year due to the pandemic.

“Teachers are taking their own money out of their own pocket to take care of their own classrooms, to take care of their students.” adds Fusco.

Due to the lack of bus drivers, some parents are voicing their concerns about the ongoing issues on the first day of school.

Parents and guardians had quite the struggle on the first day of school in Broward County dealing with transportation issues and last minute emails.

According to the father who received an email the afternoon before the first day of school started to inform him that the school wouldn’t be able to pick up his son. After several emails back and forth, he was told a school bus could drop his 10-year-old son about 2 miles from the house.

The parent has two other sons that attend the same school and the transportation wasn’t an issue for them before.

A spokeswoman for Broward County Public Schools said it was actually 20 students who needed to be picked up Wednesday by their parents or guardian.

Parents or guardians can also contact the Student Transportation Department if the have any pressing questions pertaining to transportation. Click here.

Parents continued to express their concerns on all of the ongoing issues throughout the school day with the district.

Besides a few hiccups with the transportation, school officials say the first day of school went smoothly for the districts 257,000 students.