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First day of school, 2021 , Palm Beach County

Virus Outbreak Florida
Students wearing protective masks walk past a “Welcome Back” sign before the first day of school at Sessums Elementary School Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021, in Riverview, Fla. Students are required to wear the masks at school unless their parents opt out. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Today was the first day of school for Palm Beach County and no real concerns or issues have been reported.

The mask mandate has been a huge concern for parents and students returning to school this year.

A school district spokeswoman reported no issues as of 9 a.m. “So far it is looking like a typical first day of school,” she said.

Mask polices due vary from county to county.

The School District of Palm Beach County announced a shift in policy on facial covering.

In an open letter posted on the district’s website, Superintendent Michael Burke said, “I am requiring facial coverings inside schools and on buses for all students attending Palm Beach County District-operated schools, unless the student’s parent/guardian chooses to opt-out of this requirement.”

To opt out, a parent has to send a signed note telling the child’s first period teacher.

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