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FHP: Florida man busted in a rental car on I-75 with $340,000 in drugs

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A Florida man was arrested after Florida Highway Patrol found him in possession of more than $340,000 worth of drugs during a traffic stop for speeding on I-75 in Sumter County.
As troopers approached the driver, 28-year-old Travis Thurston, they say they noticed the smell of burnt marijuana coming from the inside of the car, which was a rental.

That’s called probable cause which allowed FHP to detain the driver and search the vehicle.

Troopers found several boxes which contained a total of 7 pounds of cathinone (and is chemically similar to ephedrine, and other amphetamines), 34 grams of packaged marijuana, and $4500 on his person, authorities say. The value of the drugs was determined to be $343,823.