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Federal judge blocks Florida’s ‘anti-riot’ law that Gov. DeSantis championed

Ron DeSantis
. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

According to a federal judge on Thursday blocked Florida’s “anti-riot” law, which Gov. Ron DeSantis pushed as a way to prevent violent demonstrations in the state.

Florida District Judge Mark Walker said the order binds Florida’s agents, employees, and attorneys, court documents show, and blocked enforcement of law under the definition of the word “riot.”

The state defines a “riot” in the law as three or more people participating in a violent public disturbance that causes property damage or injury to someone.

The Freedom Defenders, a coalition that advocates for the abolition of police and jails, sued the state arguing that its new definition of a “riot” was too vague.

Signed by DeSantis in April, the law criminalizes protests that turn violent.

The law led to many lawsuits from civil rights groups that argue that it targets Black people and violates First Amendment rights.