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UPDATED: Officials Say Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart Not in “Immediate Risk of Collapse” After Concrete Falls

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WEDNESDAY 7:57 P.M. UPDATE: Stuart Mayor Mike Meier said Wednesday afternoon that FDOT engineers have not found any evidence that the Roosevelt Bridge is at immediate risk of collapsing. “There is no evidence to suggest that the bridge will collapse imminently. That message was delivered by the Coast Guard early this morning in what we believe was a measure to drive the point home that it was not safe to drive under the bridge,” Meier said. “There is no dire immediate risk of collapse.” He added that during a routine bridge inspection on Tuesday night, a call was made to FDOT advising that that there was falling concrete on the southbound side of bridge. The concrete did not fall on any vehicles, according to officials. Upon inspection, engineers with FDOT found that rust in the steel cables had been exposed when the concrete fell. Further inspection revealed an area of concern on the northbound side of the bridge as well. “Unfortunately, they did find some structural issues on the northbound bridge,” Meier explained. As of Wednesday afternoon, boats may again travel under the bridge. Local leaders are asking drivers to avoid using downtown Stuart as a cut-through. https://twitter.com/USCGSoutheast/status/1273358239984476161?s=20 “We are going to have some very serious traffic issues,” said Stuart Police Chief Joseph Tumminelli. Tumminelli suggested that drivers who typically use the Roosevelt Bridge head west instead and take I-95 to the Turnpike. “We do not have a timeline yet from DOT as to how long the bridge will, in fact, be closed down,” said State Rep. Toby Overdorf. Meanwhile, Stuart officials announced Wednesday evening that tolls on the Turnpike between Stuart and Port St. Lucie are being waived until further notice: https://twitter.com/CityofStuartFL/status/1273388803965759488?s=20 ————————————————————————– ORIGINAL STORY: The Coast Guard is advising boaters to avoid the area of the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart due to “risk of an imminent collapse” after a chunk of concrete fell from the structure. The Florida Department of Transportation closed the southbound bridge for maintenance due to a huge crack along the south end of the bridge and falling concrete which would pose a danger to boaters traveling below the span. The Coast Guard started warning boaters away around 2 a.m. The Stuart Police Department is also asking drivers to avoid the area.

Traffic is being diverted to the northbound side of the bridge. https://youtu.be/BAKudwU9Vxs