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FDOT: Crack on I-95 overpass in Lake Worth poses no risk

A crack reported by a citizen on the 10th Avenue overpass above I-95 in Lake Worth has been determined to pose no structural risk according to Florida Department of Transportation inspectors.

Helicopter footage taken Wednesday morning by our partners at WPTV 5 showed a large crack running the entire width of 10th Avenue North and traffic driving over it.

Responding to both media and citizen reports FDOT sent an inspector to the overpass who determined the opening was actually the span’s expansion joints which are being refurbished as part of an ongoing maintenance project.

An expansion joint is a gap between sections of roadway allowing it to expand and contract as its surface temperature changes throughout the day.

Without the joints, cracks and defects could develop over time.

FDOT expects the maintenance project to conclude shortly with no inconvenience to motorists expected.